Unreal Workshop


This project was created over a 4 week period using Unreals workshop as a guide, including other smaller guides found on the internet. 

Week 1

First week was to learn how to use the third person template and basic blueprints. I decided to add an avatar downloaded from Mixamo and learn how to use the animation blueprint for basic movement including a roll. Final addition for the week I added a grapple hook and basic ragdoll physics.

Week 2

This week started off with adding pickups that do something when the user walked into the trigger box, for this example I changed the jump height of the character on pickup. The largest addition was the use of event dispatchers to cause events to trigger throughout the blueprints. Finally, I added a trigger to the fire particle system from the starter content to trigger when a character walked inside the range and set the character on fire. 

This week had to be cut short to allow for some planning for the upcoming game jam.

Week 3

Week 3 started with adding menu systems to the game such as a main menu and a pause menu. Once the menus were in the environment was looking very plain so I decided to look into the foliage tool and landscape materials. This is where I learned how to create a procedural terrain painter that worked of the angle of the ground. Using the materials for the terrain I could also add small foliage that only spawned on the green land. 

Lastly for the week was to add a Hud with health and a scoring system using the coins.

Week 4

This week was all about AI, following the mini course I created a basic twin stick shooter. During this I learnt how to use blackboard, behaviour trees and AI components. I created a basic AI that would chase the player whereever he is on the map. On contact the enemy would do damage to the player who would die after a certain amount of damage was sustained.