Last Line Lives (Unreal Engine)


This game was created during the Side Quest #4 Game Jam that lasted one week. The theme of this jam was "One Room" and was sponsored by MediaTonic. This game jam was a solo creation.



My original idea was to create a five night in Freddy’s inspired game with the main wall used as a video feed. After some experimenting, I decided that I wouldn't be able to complete the project of that scale with enough polish, so I decided to strip some features and abstract the idea further.  


I struggled with the movement. There needed to be a goal. As you could only move in 3 directions, I decided to spawn the player on the left and get them to travel to the far side of the board. The first iteration got the player to travel to a corridor each time to travel, however after some testing, I found this feature to be tedious, so it was changed to only changing the direction. Between board ticks the player keeps moving in the same direction.


In order to keep the monsters scary, I wanted to keep the visibility of the monster down to a minimum. Due to the dark nature of the game I could just apply a black material to the monster, and this make it look like a silhouette/ shadow rather than a blocked-out monster. To increase the impact of the monster I decided to kill all music, add a breathing sound and reduce the lights to a dim red.

In order to survive the monster you have to close the door of the corridor that it appears in, this gets the player to run towards the monster which most players won’t want to do.